Apr 2018
19th Apr 2018

Why Boilerplate and “DIY” Contracts Are A Terrible Idea for Your Business

Abington PA AttorneysMany business owners routinely employ the use of boilerplate language in their contracts or choose to take a "DIY" approach and quickly cobble something "that works." While self-drive and independence are admirable traits, we at Egbert & Barnes highly discourage these practices when it comes to legal business contracts.

This post explores why template contracts and "DIY" documentation are a terrible idea that carry all sorts of risks and consequences. If you're looking for more tailored advice, remember that you can always reach out directly to the seasoned business attorneys at Egbert & Barnes.
12th Apr 2018

A Breakdown of Pennsylvania’s Inheritance Tax

Abington PA Estate Law AttorneysAt Egbert & Barnes, we deal with a variety of complex estate planning issues on a daily basis. For this post, we've decided to offer an overview of Pennsylvania's inheritance tax. Pennsylvania is one of the six states in the U.S. to have an inheritance tax on the books, which means that residents can expect to have their estate taxed even when everything is valued at well under the $11.18 million federal threshold.
Mar 2018
15th Mar 2018

Top Mistakes People Make When They “DIY” their Last Will and Testament

Abington PA Wills & Trust AttorneysWriting your own Last Will and Testament might seem like an appealing idea at first. After all, it's quick, cheap, and easily done via any device that can access the internet. Not a bad deal, right?
While establishing a Last Will and Testament has never been easier, families and their financial responsibilities have never been so complicated. This becomes a problem because a quick and easy DIY will can fail to address a variety of complex issues. This post explores some of the most overseen components and unexpected problems that people run into when they draft their own wills.