Jul 2018
19th Jul 2018

Understanding the Different Types of Powers of Attorney in PA

Abington PA Business AttorneysNobody wants to think about the possibility of losing their independence, or their ability to handle all day-to-day affairs. However, planning for the unexpected is essential, especially because life can be chaotic and unpredictable.
19th Jul 2018

How a Pennsylvania Attorney Can Help You Collect Business Debts

Abington PA Business AttorneysBusiness disputes are not uncommon, and shrewd business owners who understand this take time to prepare ahead of time to weather the inevitable storm. However, some disputes can be much costlier than others, and unpaid business debts can be especially catastrophic for a lender. For this post, we're exploring how business loans work, what happens when things go south, and how a PA attorney can help lenders chase debtors who refuse to pay up.
May 2018
31st May 2018

The Differences between Personal Care Homes and Nursing Homes

Abington PA elder law attorneysAt Egbert & Barnes, we're often asked if personal care homes and nursing homes are the same thing. This question isn't unusual, as the differences are not always apparent to families who are exploring care options for themselves and for their loved ones. The simple answer is that no, personal care homes and nursing homes are not the same thing.