Nov 2018
1st Nov 2018

Three Potential Options for your Small Business Succession Plan

Abington PA Business AttorneysMany small business owners spend much of their time strategizing and focusing on growth, but not everyone stops to think about what will happen to the operation once they decide to leave the picture for good. In PA, as well as across the U. S., it is not uncommon for small businesses and other operations to fall apart as soon as the primary owner takes his or her leave.
1st Nov 2018

Tips for Dealing with an Executor who is Neglecting their Duties

Abington PA Wills & Trust AttorneysThe loss of a loved one such as a parent or close relative is a heavy blow for most people, one that is accompanied by grief, depression, anger, and confusion. However, many who are grieving the loss of a loved one don’t usually expect to be defrauded or betrayed by the executor that the deceased entrusted with his/her personal affairs.
Oct 2018
28th Oct 2018

Estate Planning Pitfalls: Payable-On-Death Accounts

Did you know that the government has the ability to overrule your Will?

Abington PA AttorneysWe all want the best for our loved ones when we’re gone. That includes ensuring our wishes are clear in our Will – for family AND the government. It’s not always straightforward though, and there are many legal and government pitfalls that can cause added stress for your loved ones after you’re gone, and cost you money.