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probate law attorneysProfessional Representation from Our Abington, Pennsylvania Probate Law Attorneys

Along with the sorrow and grief friends and family members feel when a loved one passes away, there are practical matters which must be attended to. This includes filing their will, determining their assets, and going through probate proceedings. At Egbert & Barnes, P.C., our probate law attorneys understand how overwhelming these tasks can be during this difficult time, particularly if problems or disputes arise.

We provide professional legal representation you can trust to attend to important details, while you focus on recovering from your loss. With over 60 years combined experience in helping clients throughout the Pennsylvania area, you can trust our probate law attorneys to handle matters effectively and efficiently, making sure all legal requirements are met.

Our Probate Law Attorneys Provide the Guidance You Need When a Loved One Passes

Probate is the process used for settling an estate after a person has passed. Conducted in the probate court where the person lived, guidelines for this process are listed under Title 20 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes.


One of the first steps is filing the will. Without a will specifying the property the person possessed and who they want to inherit, property distribution takes longer and is subject to the rules of intestate succession. This generally grants only spouses, children, or siblings inheritance rights, and is one of many reasons our probate law attorneys urge all clients to have a legal, valid will in place.


Not all property is required to go through probate. Life insurance with named beneficiaries, payable on death accounts, and property held under a joint tenancy are all excluded. Probate property generally involves personal belongings, real estate, business interests, and financial accounts listed in only the decedent’s name. The Montgomery County Register of Wills, which serves residents in Abington and the surrounding areas, advises that the process of identifying and distributing this property can be confusing and complicated, regardless of whether there is a will in place. It is in your best interests to seek help from only experienced probate law attorneys, who can ensure your rights and interests are protected.


How Our Probate Law Attorneys Help to Protect You


At Egbert & Barnes, P.C., we have over 60 years combined experience in handling probate matters for people throughout the state. In addition to ensuring you have the proper estate planning documents in place, our probate law attorneys work to protect the rights of family members and friends of the deceased during the probate process. We provide knowledgeable, highly effective legal representation to clients in the following matters:

  • Estate administration;
  • Overseeing probate processes;
  • Representation of estate executors and administrators
  • Administration of trusts;
  • Guidance in estate taxes;
  • Will contests and disputes.

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